About Us

The Elsternwick Park Association is a community group with a vision to create a beautifully designed and maintained wetland park with an environmental focus, in the Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve.
We have five key priorities for the nature reserve: 

  • Environment-we are keen to see the reserve become a thriving habitat for wildlife, including threatened and endangered species. 

  • Aesthetics and public amenity -a beautiful nature reserve will be a treasure for residents and visitors alike.  We want to see the reserve designed and maintained so that people are able to appreciate, interact with, nurture and enjoy the reserve. 

  • Flood mitigation-many of our members are prone to flooding from Elster Creek, the creek that runs through the reserve.  We are working to maximise opportunities for flood mitigation both in the reserve and more generally, in Elsternwick Park and from a whole of catchment perspective. 

  • Water Quality -a well-designed active, water management and wetland system will be able to improve water quality, not only onsite but as it enters the bay. 

  • Community involvement-we are keen to involve and engage the community in valuing and interacting with the reserve.  This includes volunteering, advocacy, education and research. 

Whilst our key focus is the Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve, we have an interest in making sure our five priorities are applied to the management of Elsternwick Park as a whole and Elster Creek generally. 
We have formed out of a coalition of community groups, all with a common interest in the reserve.  These groups include: 
•    Friends of Elster Creek

•    Earthcare St Kilda
•    Elwood Flood Action Group
•    Port Phillip Alliance for Sustainability, 
•    Port Phillip EcoCentre
•    Residents of Huntley Street Triangle, 
•    unChain Inc
•    Love Our Street
•    Bayside friends environment network
•    Bayside Climate change action group
•    Glen Eira Environment group

We remain at heart a coalition of these groups.  As of 2019, the Port Phillip EcoCentre, Elwood Foods Action Group, Friends of Elster Creek, Port Phillip Alliance for sustainability and Residents of Huntley Street triangle are all represented on the committee.  The varying interests and priorities of these groups is reflected in our five key priorities for the reserve.

The Vision

We are working towards a beautifully designed and maintained native wetland and grassy woodland. A place that echoes the beauty of the land before the invasion of concrete and asphalt.  A place that provides refuge and tranquility for people and wildlife.