Association Rules

A full copy of the associations rules is available for download here

Facebook Policy

We appreciate positive and respectful contribution and discussion in supporting the associations goals with the Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve.

We wants to keep our Facebook page as a fabulous page, where people can celebrate the Elsternwick Park Nature reserve and surrounding parklands. We want to keep the site positive and also be a page where people can share ideas and different perspectives.  We do not want it to be a page where people or organisations find themselves being personally attacked or having their reputations damaged.  In order to keep this page as page on track and protect both people and organisations, the moderators may from time to time chose to mute or block people from the site.

Elsternwick Park Association Facebook policy:


The Elsternwick Park Association (EPA) is a community group dedicated to seeing the development of the Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve, into an iconic public open space.  Our core priorities include:

  • Environment:

  • Flood mitigation

  • Water quality

  • Public amenity:

The EPA Facebook page is the EPA’s page.  It is there to further the purposes of the EPA.  These can be viewed on   

In particular, the Facebook page is there to develop opportunities to involve and engage the community in realising and valuing the core purposes regarding the Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve as well as the greater Elsternwick Park area. 

The Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve is a public open space.  We also see a role for the EPA Facebook page to provide a forum for community members to post issues, ideas and concerns and for free and open debate.  There may be times where posts are irrelevant, inaccurate or ill informed, or where there is genuine room for different perspectives.  As long as the posts remain kind and respectful and do not break the EPA Facebook page code of conduct, these posts will be managed on a case by case basis by the moderators. This could include:

  • Simply allowing the post to remain

  • Politely refuting or clarifying matters of fact as appropriate

  • Removing irrelevant posts

Appropriate behaviour and code of conduct:

We expect that Facebook users will remain respectful and kind in their interactions on the page.  Behaviour that is not respectful or kind will result in the posts being removed, the person posting on the site being at first muted and then, if the behaviour continues being blocked. 

Behaviour that is considered unacceptable includes posts that are:

  • Untrue

  • Unkind

  • Personal- in particular hostile rhetoric or comments directed at particular people

  • Damaging to the reputation or the Elsternwick Park Association or other relevant stakeholders including Elsternwick Park Community Alliance, Bayside Dog Alliance, Bayside Council, City of Port Phillip Council or any other relevant stakeholder

  • Defamatory to either individuals or organisations

  • Belligerent.