Natalie Davey & Julie Beatty
YWNA committee members

The YWNA is a community association

The YWNA committee is tasked to keep the 10 year Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve masterplan on track and remain true to our purposes

Association Committee

Geoffrey Love
Committee member
Michael Gulliver
Gina Fisk
Membership coordinator
Natalie Davey
Gio Fitzpatrick
Rosie Grech
Ally Soutar
Vice President
Tricia Wevill
Committee member
Sanja Blackburn
Claire Hudson
Plant Lab Coordinator
Prof N'arwee't Carolyn Briggs - honorary member of the  epa committee as the epa's Indigenous Cultural Advisor. 

Sub-Committee members and Roles



Bob Tammik e:

Fly by Night (Bird, insects, night fauna)

Dassi Herszberg  e: 

Pascale Jacq e:


Natalie Davey                 e:

Plant Lab: 

Claire Hudson e: 

Gio Fitzpatrick e:

Plant propagation: 

Gio Fitzpatrick e:

Rosie Grech e:  

Wildlife Consultant:

Dassi Herszberg  e: 

Working Bees: 

Adam Hosken                 e:

Litter Cleanups:  Glen Adams                e:

(Love Our street) Rowena Moore m:    e:

Communication and Members

Rosie Grech e:

Gina Fiske e:

Natalie Davey e:


The  Yalukit Willam Nature Association Committee would like to thank the many people who have worked tirelessly to form this organisation to support the vision for the now Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve (previously Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve). All previous epa committee members are still contributing to the reserve whether volunteering, lobbying for the principles and resources or running activities on sub-committees. 

Previous Committee members

Jo Samuel-King- previous President and founder.

Marcus Gwynne-committee  and founding member

Bob Tammik-committee and founding member. Serving on the On-reserve Sub-committee.

Alyson Svenson-committee and founding member. Serving on the On-reserve Sub-committee.

Helen Halliday-committee  and founding member 

Anna Rabinov- committee member

Cedric Vanspall- committee member

Stephanie Convery-committee member

Julie Beatty-Co- President and On Reserve Coordinator

Siãn Darling-committee member

Vincent Mumford- Treasurer/ Shed and Founding member. We sadly had to farewell Vincent this year due to his untimely death.


                       epa mob- Gio, Rosie, Dassi and Vincent- looking after the first drop of plants for the Chain of Ponds late 2021.


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