Elsternwick Park Waterwatch

The Elster Creek Waterwatch team led by Kate Bulling has been part of a Citizen Science monitoring project of two sites in the now Elsternwick Nature Park going back over 14 years. The epa, with its mandate to focus on water quality, took up the key role in coordinating this group two years ago. Our monitoring work was only restarted at the beginning of 2022 due to Covid restrictions. We are keen to keep a strong focus on the health of our waterways and the Bay it flows into. We have inherited a terrific history of excellent data on the general health of the creek.  There is a good data reflected in the macro invertebrates and other animals present, which also creates a solid baseline for the expected changes that will take place as the Nature Park evolves,. This is all on the Waterwatch data base. We plan to work with tertiary students to analyse the historical data, so we can see trends and understand our local waterway more accurately.

OurOne site is in the old Golf Course Pond and the second site is in the Elster Creek  before the Monash Bridge.

For those interested here is a full data sheet  from the Friends of Elster Creek 

We hope to add a third site, as we need to measure water quality at the top of the Reserve, as this will help us refine our knowledge of how the Nature Reserve  itself may alter water quality (we hope for the better!). we are planning to start monitoring the Chain of Ponds too.

A deep thank you to all the volunteers who have been doing this work for many years and welcome aboard all the new people who wish to support this ongoing team. It has been great to be able to restart the group with the support of Richard Akers from Melbourne Water. 

Natalie Davey -epa Coordinator Waterwatch Elster Creek


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